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Starlite Workshops

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Starlite Crystals & Reiki  :::  Upcoming Workshops

*There are no Workshops scheduled at this time- please stay tuned.

Reiki :: Level I *

Students will learn the history and principles of Reiki, using Reiki and feeling the energy and Gassho meditation.  Participants will receive Reiki I attunement which enables you to channel Reiki healing energy.  You will also learn the Reiki hand positions, how to give a complete Reiki treatment for yourself and others using techniques as taught by Dr. Usui. Discussion of the body's energy field, chakras, auras meridians, and talk about ethics in healing work. You will receive a certificate of completion for Reiki Level I. Fee: $175

Book cost is an additional $25 which covers both Reiki I and II. 

Reiki :: Level II *

The class will begin with an overview of Reiki Level I. 

You will receive Reiki Level II attunement, which greatly increases the strength of your Reiki energy. You will also receive three (3) Reiki symbols and how to use them for healing, releasing unwanted habits and empowering goals. You can practice complete treatment using all symbols and do meditation, breathing and grounding work. We will discuss spiritual development and self-care, Reiki in Hospitals, Reiki exchange groups and developing and incorporating Reiki into your practice, creating ambiance. You will receive certificate of completion for Reiki Level II.  Fee: $225

Reiki :: Level III *

The class will begin with an overview of Reiki Level I and II. Prerequisite: Reiki I and II with a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I recommend a minimum of six months of practice between Levels II & III 

You will receive Reiki III Master attunement which raises the vibration frequency of the Reiki energy as well as attunement to the Tibetan Master Symbol, explanation of what it is and what it’s uses are.   

You will practice Reiki Meditation, which helps to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness. We will discuss how to create a Reiki crystal healing grid for continuous Reiki healing. Additional discussions and practice includes: Reiki aura clearing, developing a Reiki practice, forms, legal issues, insurance, and ethics in healing work. You will receive a certificate showing your completion of Level III Master Practitioner. Fee $350

Book cost is an additional $25 which covers both Reiki Ill and IV. 

Reiki :: Level IV *

Prerequisite: Level I, II, and III (Master Practitioner/Advanced Reiki ) with a Usui Master Teacher 

This class is for those who desire to teach Usui Reiki. Those who take this class will be prepared to practice as fully independent Master Teachers and will be qualified to teach all levels of Usui Reiki. You will receive Usui/Tibetan Master attunement as well as instruction on and practice giving all levels of Reiki Attunements. Fee: $500

You will also receive the following:

_Two Tibetan symbols to assist in your healing work are given for a total of six.

_The Healing attunement (heals and strengthens the effectiveness of Reiki treatments).

_Instruction on and practice of the Violet Breath.

_Reiki Master Attunement Exercise (Hui Yin).

_Reiki Master Meditation.

_Discussion about ethics in healing and teaching.

_Discussion on how to build your Reiki practice.

Uses Textbook from Level III